Bubba the Love Sponge and Shaun Wagley allegedly threaten Boardhost in attempt to shut us down!

Below is the unedited complaint that was sent to Boardhost, By Shaun “Wagz” Wagley and Bubba the Love Sponge in an attempt to get our Real Bubba Forum shut down. When we took over management of this blog and Real Bubba forum over a year ago we were warned that Bubba and crew’s inability to handle criticism would result in efforts such as this. The below complaint clearly illustrates how determined they are to strip those who do not support Bubba of their First Amendment right. They don’t care if they have to lie to do it. They are hell bent on shutting down critics on the internet and elsewhere. This blatant disregard for others right to voice dissenting opinions should infuriate you. The label of “stalker” being wantonly applied to anyone who dare criticize Bubba should rile you. It does us! And it fuels our fire to continue this good fight and carry on exposing the Real Bubba.

b4s_Bubba041113_10599389_8col  wagz

As you may recall this forum was born years ago after Bubba successfully had the Love Sponge portion of the Stern Fan Network forum shut down when criticism of his show became to much for him to handle. This forum picked up where that one left off and has grown week to week.

In the few weeks after Bubba’s termination from 102.5 The Bone in Tampa, the forum has experienced a higher then usual number of complaints like this one. There has also been an influx of Bubba supporters joining the discussion. Which is fine, unlike Bubba, we are not afraid of opposing view points. However, we have also noticed many of these new accounts are signing up through a proxy server to conceal their IP address. Many of us speculate that Wagz, who is known for multi-accounting, is behind most of these new accounts. This is fine also. Wagz, you’re welcome on the forum, we would just request that you limit the number of accounts you open as we don’t want it to appear like we’re trying to artificially inflate our user count.

By all appearances, Bubba’s renewed effort to shut down our forum, and trample our 1st Amendment right, is the result of his termination from Cox and also his current hunt for an outlet in the Tampa Bay market. A lot of the information posted on the forum is not flattering and may give a potential employer reason to pause when considering putting Bubba on their airwaves. To that end, in recent days we have recorded forum hits originating from Cox, Beasely, and even Clear Channel IP clusters. Clearly executives from these media companies are digesting the information and opinions posted on our forum.

Since receiving the below complaint, we have been in frequent communication with powers that be at Boardhost. we’ve left these conversations convinced that they have a good understanding of the situation and respect the way we manage and moderate the forum. We even discussed Bubba’s threat of “getting his lawyers involved” and they had a good laugh with us when we all googled his lawyer’s names.

The Real Bubba forum is simply a collection of users sharing their opinions and personal experiences, both pro and con, with Bubba the Love Sponge and the show. All comments are protected under the 1st Amendment.

As a reminder we would ask that our users abide by the Boardhost terms of service. Do not behave in a threatening or abusive manner or we will have to ban your account. Also, don’t post or ask for torrents or any other means of downloading the show. Frankly, you shouldn’t want to listen to it anyways.

Below is the complaint filed by Bubba and Wagz.

Comments? Discuss on Real Bubba Forums

EDIT 17:55 – Boardhost has indeed pulled the plug on the forum. It is unknown whether this is permanent. Will update here and on twitter @ludlowlebron


Subject: Boardhost: TOS Violation
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 17:51:48 -0500
From: wagz@btls.com
To: abuse@boardhost.com

Name: Shaun Wagley
URL: http://realbubba.boardhost.com

Violations Found:
-Material that infringes intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any party
-Any link to or any image from a site containing any material outlined in these restrictions

The following URLs list violations of your TOS listed on your website. There are posted images of fake conversations claiming to be me, slander if you will, with my personal, private, unlisted telephone number “loosely” marked out. Meaning in any given image the whole phone number is not displayed but over the spread of them it can be figured out, one digit at a time. This board is filled with hate, slander and harassment. Some posts share my Intellectual Property illegally in an effort to cause me financial harm as well as the mental suffering caused by this group and your company. We have contacted you multiple times and seem to be ignored each time. Please take this very seriously, you are creating stalkers by allowing this to continue. Even if you don’t close the whole board and make them REMOVE the BTLS section and prohibit discussion of him it may be an out of site, out of mind fix for their psyche.

Images showing Private Info:

Sharing of Intellectual Property:

And much more, I cant believe Twitter can see the danger/harm in this and Boardhost cannot.
Response Received <Bubba’s reply>:
We contact them weekly and get no response as well as contact you monthly and get no response, neither them or your company seem to be taking this very seriously. I am all for free speech, I have built my career on it. But when opinions start crossing the line into personal harassment it has gone too far. If it continues much longer I will have to contact my attorneys and get them involved. We let it go for a few years, but the attacks from these users gets worse with every passing day and I have had enough of the harassment.

About Real Bubba Admin

We are a consortium of a dozen talk radio connoisseurs who comment and share opinions on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show. We are always looking for new contributors
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14 Responses to Bubba the Love Sponge and Shaun Wagley allegedly threaten Boardhost in attempt to shut us down!

  1. jamminred says:

    Hello. First off I want to say I am a bubba supporter and I do like his show. Im from Jacksonville and have had to resort to listening to bubba on radio io since he has been removed from our airwaves. The only talk radio here in jacksonville is mostly the cox media group conservative radio station which I enjoy from time to time. Anyways. The real reason I am commenting as I have mainly just been a lurker to this forum for sometime now. It provide additional entertainment for me very often. At least 2 years I believe I have been reading this site. After reading the post by the admin of site today. I have often wondered if the btls crew made up accounts in an attempt to get people to post torrents or downloads of their copyrighted material to get the board shut down. Now it seems they have tried that, does anyone know if that is a true statement? Has the btls crew tried to trick us into posting such material? Anyways… I am just curious and Im happy to see the 1st ammendmant take precedent over a bully whom does not seem to take it like he dishes it out. Keep up the good retoric here and thanks for providing such an outlet. #bubbaArmy out!


  2. WilfredKr says:

    checking out my facebook, i found this thought i’d share it with you guys.

  3. mbob4068 says:

    Hope you can get the board back up or moved to another host soon. I don’t see what was posted against their TOS anyway.

  4. jamminred says:

    What happened to the boardhost forum? Has it been shut down? I am no web developer but I do have the resources availible to me to provide servers and bandwidth to host the forum. If interested I will happily donate any of my time. As a strong believer in how our four fathers wrote the constitution, I believe should do whatever it takes to make the absolute 1st one on it be very protected

  5. rock raccoon says:

    Wow! this is really fuckedup. This was the best board going…Stay on fatty’s ass. Who can we complain to? post a link at boardhost. thanks….

  6. DMR says:

    This just goes to show how Bubba is a complete hypocrite, doesn’t like to have negative comments made about him yet he can say what he wants about anyone he wants, if anything the message board was helping keep him relevant drama or not but I guess by not having it will make him fade in to obscurity. I hope you get a new home to speak more truth about BTLS and his unsavory ways.

  7. Alex says:

    Long live the Sixers!

  8. Alex says:

    Long live the Sixers! Hope to see you back soon. This shows how successful you have been at getting in his head! Just imagine how much time he has wasted thinking about it. Great job!

  9. jamminred says:

    Since the old board is down at the moment, I took it upon my self to create a temporary forum so every one can discuss and have real commentary about our favorite or most hated radio shows… I did this without any permission from the old boards admin and if they wish I will remove the forum.
    here is the link for those interested, unfortunately I do not have access to or rights to import an archive of the old forum… there was so much good stuff in there.
    I know I am opening myself up for a lot of bullying from people who don’t like criticism but I am prepared to take it like a man and carry on with my life..

    Here is the link to new forum dedicated to discussion of radio personalities like and dislikes, all are welcome.

  10. Alex says:

    Tubby probably had something to do with it. Maybe the new forum should not have the word Bubba in it. Something generic like “talk radio” or “Fat guy support forum.”

    • jamminred says:

      most likely or someone from his crew, I don’t think he has time to monitor the web that close in between printing cheap t-shirts and driving a tractor around in the dirt. Plus all that time he spends at clem gym…
      I will make another one, I would rather someone with some coding skills build a forum site and I will host it in my colo datacenter. Tubby cant shut that down, I will replicate it all over the world. kinda how the Govt could not stop Pirate bay or wikileaks…
      Don’t wanna give out my info here but if anyone is interested Im sure we can find a safe place to chat about it…. I hope the admin of the old board has a backup of all those posts

  11. jamminred says:

    you can continue the discussion here if you want, http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRealBubba/
    They cant bring down a sub-reddit, just follow the rules

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