Was reading through time lines this morning on twitter and came across this-


Is it any wonder why people on social networks wish to remain anonymous? This is the same mouth-breathing, Neanderthal, knuckle-dragger that took a screen shot of my dying mother and then photo shopped it to have 2 guys ejaculating on her face. Classy. He later removed the pics, but we have it and other photo shopped pics on file. I will not re-post such garbage on here.

This is the mentality of the Bubba Army. This is why people wish to remain anonymous and wish to speak their opinions freely without worrying about whether or not some maniac is out there with their personal information and willing to do harm to them or their families.

You’re not the only one watching, Orwell. Please feel free to write emails to COX RADIO NETWORK expressing your opinions regarding the outing of private citizens over terrestrial airwaves at:



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5 Responses to Anonymity

  1. Peace Brother says:


    Regarding Jenn who talked trash under protection against the LEBRON’S………

    Could she be Bubba’s ex-girlfriend????

    Ex-Girlfriend’s Name = Jenna Niesmertelny, web page reflects she is the mother of their child born out of wedlock.

    Records Reflect: She is on Twitter (check for yourself, just thinkin, thinkin, thinkin oooh yeah do your own thinkin ………… AND OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH………………

    Web Page reflects that she follows HULK HOGAN and follows/follower of many B Army members.
    …………………………….Even people connected to show and relatives of company. I don’t know what to make of it all but what is posted is believed to be true and found on the worldwide net man.

    Could she have been the bitter and angry person on the phone calling the show (some would consider a set up) and shootin a promo on the LUDLOWS?????????

    Just thinkin, not accusing, all of the above is documented and available at time of writing.

    Do your own thinkin brothers this is food for thought or simply disregard. 2 + 2 usually equals 4 but Nachoe Man and Elizabeth ain’t accusing anyone of anything up here.

    Raising questions and inspiring critical thinking that is all.
    Do what ya want it’s up to you, no accusations or inferences expressed or implied.

  2. Mr. David Randolph to you Yanks. says:

    Who all of a sudden was Godsmacked here?

    Published information is spot on, can’t believe it mate but then again you silly yanks spend more time with such idle crap than we do.

    In her twitter feed if the name matches the government registry, she lives same place where someone knows best and has a surfing shoppe.

    AIN’T one you SIXERS OR MARKS saying anything about this BULLSHIT since this is a SIXERS stunt to cloudy up the bloody picture. OR a rank and file member of the Bubber rank and file is making stuff up or who knows. WTF mate I repeat, WTF Mate? Then again wankers like you all can’t play real football.

  3. Matt says:

    I understand your need for anonymity. If you are an observer of some of this as I have been, you can see times when those who think they are anonymous cross the line of show criticism to constant and repeated cyber attacks. This whole thing went from show criticism to a cat and mouse game.
    Now the level of aggression on both sides has increased.
    Carry on.

  4. Cazzinaro says:

    Should we out Bubba Army?
    Got a famous one, solid info, deadbeat dad, a real asshole to people.
    He is shocking he thinks.
    I know all.
    If the BA lets loose on one of us, this guy’s public info is being put out take it to the bank

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