“Don’t Touch That Iron” – A repost from a guest – Nov 2011

Don’t touch that iron, it’s hot!

I don’t remember exactly how old I was, maybe 5 or 6 years old, but I clearly remember the day.  My Mom was ironing the clothes and I was fascinated by the steam coming from the iron. I asked her if the iron was hot and she simply replied “yes and don’t touch it”. I stood there hypnotized by the steam and watched her finish the ironing. As soon as she walked away I sprung into action. I walked over to that iron and put my whole palm on it. Not the tip of my finger, my entire palm. Yep the pain was excruciating, but I couldn’t scream because my Mom had warned me not to touch it and now I had.  As I stood there holding my pulsating red hand I could swear I saw my Mom was watching, but when I turned around, she wasn’t there.

Many years later I was at my parents house and the ironing board and iron were out. I thought back to that day when I placed my palm on the iron and asked my Mom if she knew I touched the iron that day.  Her response was both funny and a life lesson.  She said “Yes of course I knew you touched the iron that day, i watched the entire thing, I just never expected you to use your entire palm!”. I replied “Mom, how could you let me do that?” She replied as simply as she did the day I touched the iron and said “I knew you were going to touch it anyways so I figured I’d let you learn your lesson. After that day, you never asked again if the iron was hot.” Thank you Mom, lesson learned.

As children we make mistakes and learn from them. As adults our life lessons and cognitive thought process should keep us from making these child like decisions and the results they lead too. However, for some reason Bubba doesn’t have the ability to make these adult decisions and his actions always seem to be child like.

When going through my Twitter time line the other day I noticed I hadn’t seen anything from Bubba recently. I went directly to his page and noticed it said I wasn’t following him, so I clicked follow, and it said you can’t follow this person because they blocked you. Wait, what?  This must be a mistake I’ve never said anything bad about Bubba, so I clicked it again, same result; blocked! At first I was pissed and sent out a few tweets posting my displeasure then after a couple of days I no longer cared. Herein lies the problem; Bubba needs his fans to care. At first I thought no big deal he blocked me, his career will continue on, with just one less Twitter follower.

Fast forward a week later, I noticed that while doing an @btlsradio search quite a few followers were experiencing the same exact thing I was, being blocked by Bubba for no reason. Why would Bubba do this? What does he gain by blocking his fans? Then miraculously Bubba provides us all with the answer in the following tweet:

“Just FYI. I don’t allow followers that support people that r wishing and plotting bad things 4 me/my family or career. I will block u. FYI”

Very revealing, Bubba is blocking his fans because of the people we follow? We are your fans and follow certain people because of you, not to spite you. How does it help you and your career to divide your fan base; Bubba Army (very small by the way) -vs- the rest of us? Your actions and comments are causing this strife! A once united and loyal fan base is now completely divided and crumbling. Your very divisive actions are causing this and it’s causing you to lose listeners. Remember, you need us, you need us to care and to continue to listen, without us your radio career will end.

So I’ll leave you with a suggestion; unblock all of your Twitter followers. We are your fans and would like to follow you.  We’re full hot and you’re the one getting burned.

If you haven’t learned your lesson and you don’t believe me that the iron is hot; Heather still has 19k+ followers and you got a lot of blocking to do.

If you choose the later, I’ll stand over here, just like my Mom, and watch you burn.

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Boardhost Email stating reasons for removing Real Bubba Forum

Below is the unedited email from Boardhost with their explanation of why they removed the Real Bubba forum. Primary reason is obscene content that violates their TOS. Other forums that we are looking at have looser terms and even host adult content.

While the complaint seemingly filed by Wagz (who claims it wasn’t him) and Bubba, brought forth scrutiny on the forum, it was not the meansie words or information posted about Bubba that got the forum pulled.

Until we announce a new home, a loyal reader of the forum has set up a Reddit that can be used to continue discussion. http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRealBubba/

Dear Customer,

We have received multiple complaints alleging your forum’s failure to comply with our Terms of Service.  Upon review of your forum, we found postings with such content as:

The content listed above is representative of countless other postings on your forum.  We note that your forum’s regular contributors include such names as “BuckFutter”, “Diesel Dick”, “PickleDick”, and “EatMyBalls”.

In accordance with our Terms of Service, Boardhost ordinarily will terminate a forum for significant or repeat violations of any of its provisions.  Among other things, message boards are prohibited from containing “Any material deemed offensive or inappropriate by Boardhost”, “Hatred”, “Adult Content”, “Obscene Material”, or “Content that is objectionable, controversial or otherwise unsuitable for the placement of advertisements, in Boardhost’s sole discretion, if you have a free service plan.”

We find each of the enumerated postings to be offensive and inappropriate, as well as unsuitable for the placement of advertisements, in addition to constituting other violations of our Terms.  We find such usage to constitute a significant violations of our Terms of Service.  

At this time, we are exercising our right, effective immediately, to terminate your forum for violations of our Terms of Service.

Boardhost Abuse

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Bubba the Love Sponge and Shaun Wagley allegedly threaten Boardhost in attempt to shut us down!

Below is the unedited complaint that was sent to Boardhost, By Shaun “Wagz” Wagley and Bubba the Love Sponge in an attempt to get our Real Bubba Forum shut down. When we took over management of this blog and Real Bubba forum over a year ago we were warned that Bubba and crew’s inability to handle criticism would result in efforts such as this. The below complaint clearly illustrates how determined they are to strip those who do not support Bubba of their First Amendment right. They don’t care if they have to lie to do it. They are hell bent on shutting down critics on the internet and elsewhere. This blatant disregard for others right to voice dissenting opinions should infuriate you. The label of “stalker” being wantonly applied to anyone who dare criticize Bubba should rile you. It does us! And it fuels our fire to continue this good fight and carry on exposing the Real Bubba.

b4s_Bubba041113_10599389_8col  wagz

As you may recall this forum was born years ago after Bubba successfully had the Love Sponge portion of the Stern Fan Network forum shut down when criticism of his show became to much for him to handle. This forum picked up where that one left off and has grown week to week.

In the few weeks after Bubba’s termination from 102.5 The Bone in Tampa, the forum has experienced a higher then usual number of complaints like this one. There has also been an influx of Bubba supporters joining the discussion. Which is fine, unlike Bubba, we are not afraid of opposing view points. However, we have also noticed many of these new accounts are signing up through a proxy server to conceal their IP address. Many of us speculate that Wagz, who is known for multi-accounting, is behind most of these new accounts. This is fine also. Wagz, you’re welcome on the forum, we would just request that you limit the number of accounts you open as we don’t want it to appear like we’re trying to artificially inflate our user count.

By all appearances, Bubba’s renewed effort to shut down our forum, and trample our 1st Amendment right, is the result of his termination from Cox and also his current hunt for an outlet in the Tampa Bay market. A lot of the information posted on the forum is not flattering and may give a potential employer reason to pause when considering putting Bubba on their airwaves. To that end, in recent days we have recorded forum hits originating from Cox, Beasely, and even Clear Channel IP clusters. Clearly executives from these media companies are digesting the information and opinions posted on our forum.

Since receiving the below complaint, we have been in frequent communication with powers that be at Boardhost. we’ve left these conversations convinced that they have a good understanding of the situation and respect the way we manage and moderate the forum. We even discussed Bubba’s threat of “getting his lawyers involved” and they had a good laugh with us when we all googled his lawyer’s names.

The Real Bubba forum is simply a collection of users sharing their opinions and personal experiences, both pro and con, with Bubba the Love Sponge and the show. All comments are protected under the 1st Amendment.

As a reminder we would ask that our users abide by the Boardhost terms of service. Do not behave in a threatening or abusive manner or we will have to ban your account. Also, don’t post or ask for torrents or any other means of downloading the show. Frankly, you shouldn’t want to listen to it anyways.

Below is the complaint filed by Bubba and Wagz.

Comments? Discuss on Real Bubba Forums

EDIT 17:55 – Boardhost has indeed pulled the plug on the forum. It is unknown whether this is permanent. Will update here and on twitter @ludlowlebron


Subject: Boardhost: TOS Violation
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 17:51:48 -0500
From: wagz@btls.com
To: abuse@boardhost.com

Name: Shaun Wagley
URL: http://realbubba.boardhost.com

Violations Found:
-Material that infringes intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any party
-Any link to or any image from a site containing any material outlined in these restrictions

The following URLs list violations of your TOS listed on your website. There are posted images of fake conversations claiming to be me, slander if you will, with my personal, private, unlisted telephone number “loosely” marked out. Meaning in any given image the whole phone number is not displayed but over the spread of them it can be figured out, one digit at a time. This board is filled with hate, slander and harassment. Some posts share my Intellectual Property illegally in an effort to cause me financial harm as well as the mental suffering caused by this group and your company. We have contacted you multiple times and seem to be ignored each time. Please take this very seriously, you are creating stalkers by allowing this to continue. Even if you don’t close the whole board and make them REMOVE the BTLS section and prohibit discussion of him it may be an out of site, out of mind fix for their psyche.

Images showing Private Info:

Sharing of Intellectual Property:

And much more, I cant believe Twitter can see the danger/harm in this and Boardhost cannot.
Response Received <Bubba’s reply>:
We contact them weekly and get no response as well as contact you monthly and get no response, neither them or your company seem to be taking this very seriously. I am all for free speech, I have built my career on it. But when opinions start crossing the line into personal harassment it has gone too far. If it continues much longer I will have to contact my attorneys and get them involved. We let it go for a few years, but the attacks from these users gets worse with every passing day and I have had enough of the harassment.

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The Great Jackson House Caper Starring Bubba The Love Sponge & Bob Buckhorn

jacksonmuralBefore we get into the real meat and potatoes here I think it’s important to point out that when one of us posted to the @ludlowlebron twitter account this morning stating that we would break this story down for you, Mr. Sponge became irate and began threatening to meet with CEO’s of companies that Bubba believes employs people who share negative opinions of him. Many of us believed that Bubba was done trying to silence his twitter critics through intimidation and bullying tactics. We figured since it’s never worked in the past – rather it’s blown up in his face – he would learn his lesson(s) and move on. Sadly, Mr. Sponge has not learned a thing. This public figure continues to threaten and try to intimidate those who speak out against him. For someone who claims to support our freedom of speech – his attempts to silent critics is disturbing. And it will fail.

We’re putting this piece together to better educate the local media, who are late to the game or are just being led around by the bully Sponge. While this post may seem long winded, there’s some key background information here that’s very relevant and necessary for one to get a clear understanding of this story and the characters involved. Should an aggressive investigative team digest this info and then pursue the leads we provide, it would make one hell of a story.

For several weeks Mr. Sponge has been touting his latest publicity stunt: buying the historical Jackson House and renovating it. Except, he claims it’s not a publicity stunt. He want’s to do it out of the kindness of his heart, for the black community in Tampa. Many former and some current Sponge employees and friends tell us that Bubs is racist. Sponge will tell you these are just disgruntled people no longer in his world. We believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The claims from those who’ve been close to Sponge  is the smoke. The Fire? Listen to the audio below. And be warned, it’s vulgar and offensive.

Yes, the same man who calls someone a “nigger” in front of his young son – The same man who went off on a wild highly offensive racist rant while recording a Vermont Teddy Bear ad – suddenly wants to do something noble for the African American Community in Tampa. If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you. Leave a comment and it’s yours.

Ask yourselves why no African American activist groups have stepped up to support Bubs in this endeavor? Uhurus anyone? Nope, they hate Bubba. NAACP? Absent! Michelle Williams? Nope won’t talk with Bubs.

Amazingly Bubs had the nerve today to state that Mayor Buckhorn doesn’t like black people. Consider the source.  Do you see the irony? Not much more to say there.

After much analysis, we can tell you that while this stunt appears to be largely an attempt for publicity, there are some other motivations here. Allow us to explain:

We’ve concluded that Bub’s badly wants to improve his public image. And even more so, the public image of his BFF, Stephen Diaco. In the last year or two Mr. Sponge and cronies suffered some pretty big setbacks in regards to their public image.

First, Sponge spent the better part of 2012 seemingly stalking critics on Twitter. Going so far as to call listeners on their personal phones to try and silence them through intimidation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVSUmLZM_Hc) and sending thugs to workplaces of others to warn them against criticizing the Sponge (matter of public record).

Then the infamous sex tape was released which appeared to show Bub’s loaning his then wife to a friend while he secretly recorded the session and preserved it for future use. Rumor has it that for some unknown reason the DVD of the romp was found in Bub’s office by an erstwhile employee. The rest is history.

2013 brought about DUI setup of Phil Campbell. As the Florida Bar and FBI investigates the setup of Campbell and the conduct of Bub’s legal team,  a long time Tampa Police officer was fired, and public perception of Bubs and Diaco have reached all time lows.


That brings us to this: Bubs mentioned that there are three individuals investing the money for the Jackson House stunt project. As per standard operating procedures Bubs claims “These three individuals want to remain anonymous”. They don’t want any credit or publicity. Of course not. They don’t want the publicity until the project is a success. Or at least heading in the write direction. Bubs has used this old script many times. Believe us when we tell you that had this stunt worked out, Bubba would have been singing the praises of one Stephen Diaco (first scoop). Diaco would play the role of the humble benefactor while Bubba insisted that Diaco wanted to stay out of the spotlight and will be so mad at him for outing him. Yeah right. Nothing could be further from the truth. Diaco needs the good publicity. He was indeed one of the “anonymous investors” that Bubba spoke of. Take that to the bank!

Another “anonymous investor”? Gary Kompothecras (second scoop for those keeping score) better known as Gary from 1-800-ASK-Gary – Lawyer referral service . And guess what? In a new twist, Bubba claimed today that he had secured commitments from “the ten top law firms in Tampa” to set up shop in the Jackson House and offer FREE legal service to those who qualify. How convenient!!! Tremendous!!! If there’s investigative reporters out there that want a good story, try to validate the “Top ten law firm claim”. We expect you’ll find that the law firms who committed to Bubs are firms that partner with Gary. Read this article (http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/327360/8/State-Farm-suing-1-800-ASK-GARY-founder-Dr-Gary-Kompothecras) and connect the dots people. IT’S RIGHT THERE FOR YOU – RUN WITH IT!

We also find it likely that this stunt appealed to Bubs because he saw it as an opportunity to embarrass Mayor Bob Buckhorn, whom Bubs refers to as “Bulldozer Bob”. Recently, an email from Buckhorn was made public. In it he referred to Bubs as “A complete moron”. Yes, our Mayor is a good judge of character. This enraged Bubs and he has dreamed of revenge ever sense. You see, you’re not allowed to talk bad about the Sponge. Bubs now claims he will be running for Mayor of Tampa to spoil the election for the Honorable Buckhorn. Lest we forget when Bubba told listeners he’d be running for Mayor of St. Pete after a member of Mayor Foster’s staff opined that Bubs was “an unsavory character”. Long story short, he didn’t run for Mayor in St. Pete, and he won’t in Tampa.

Hopefully the above will prove useful to those interested in the whole story. It will surely result in more personal attacks of innocent people from Bubs and his “army”, but that is a risk we take to remain free.

Bubs claims he has learned to ignore his critics on social media. Let’s see if that’s true.

This post will be cross posted to http://realbubba.boardhost.com. Come join the discussion!

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The Bone 102.5’s talent contest – You should all vote for:

Contestant # 1 “MOONSHINE MILLER”. The man who made Brent Hatley cry during the infamous “Hate off”.

Vote for MILLER here: http://www.theboneonline.com/s/tampa-got-talent/

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Back to Basics

This will be short. I have been putting some thought into this blog site and I have realized that the last couple of posts have veered away from why this blog was established in the first place – to critique, good or bad, the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

I apologize for the distractions, but in light of recent happenings I have allowed personal prejudice and harassment by detractors to steer my judgement.

I have made the Glass Houses segment available only in private settings as it has been a topic that detracts from the purpose of this blog. I spoke with both Floyd and Jay at Newcomb Warehouse and I am satisfied that they are aware of the situation and have taken steps to assure that safety is at the top of their concerns. As far as I am concerned they have fulfilled their obligations.

Nobody has coerced me or persuaded me to do this. As a matter of fact, I have not even discussed this subject with anyone. It just seems to me that the integrity of this blog is jaded by the permeation of such subject matter and needs to return to the origin of its purpose.

Thanks to all that read and participate. BTLS related content to come in the near future.


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Was reading through time lines this morning on twitter and came across this-


Is it any wonder why people on social networks wish to remain anonymous? This is the same mouth-breathing, Neanderthal, knuckle-dragger that took a screen shot of my dying mother and then photo shopped it to have 2 guys ejaculating on her face. Classy. He later removed the pics, but we have it and other photo shopped pics on file. I will not re-post such garbage on here.

This is the mentality of the Bubba Army. This is why people wish to remain anonymous and wish to speak their opinions freely without worrying about whether or not some maniac is out there with their personal information and willing to do harm to them or their families.

You’re not the only one watching, Orwell. Please feel free to write emails to COX RADIO NETWORK expressing your opinions regarding the outing of private citizens over terrestrial airwaves at:





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