The Great Jackson House Caper Starring Bubba The Love Sponge & Bob Buckhorn

jacksonmuralBefore we get into the real meat and potatoes here I think it’s important to point out that when one of us posted to the @ludlowlebron twitter account this morning stating that we would break this story down for you, Mr. Sponge became irate and began threatening to meet with CEO’s of companies that Bubba believes employs people who share negative opinions of him. Many of us believed that Bubba was done trying to silence his twitter critics through intimidation and bullying tactics. We figured since it’s never worked in the past – rather it’s blown up in his face – he would learn his lesson(s) and move on. Sadly, Mr. Sponge has not learned a thing. This public figure continues to threaten and try to intimidate those who speak out against him. For someone who claims to support our freedom of speech – his attempts to silent critics is disturbing. And it will fail.

We’re putting this piece together to better educate the local media, who are late to the game or are just being led around by the bully Sponge. While this post may seem long winded, there’s some key background information here that’s very relevant and necessary for one to get a clear understanding of this story and the characters involved. Should an aggressive investigative team digest this info and then pursue the leads we provide, it would make one hell of a story.

For several weeks Mr. Sponge has been touting his latest publicity stunt: buying the historical Jackson House and renovating it. Except, he claims it’s not a publicity stunt. He want’s to do it out of the kindness of his heart, for the black community in Tampa. Many former and some current Sponge employees and friends tell us that Bubs is racist. Sponge will tell you these are just disgruntled people no longer in his world. We believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The claims from those who’ve been close to Sponge  is the smoke. The Fire? Listen to the audio below. And be warned, it’s vulgar and offensive.

Yes, the same man who calls someone a “nigger” in front of his young son – The same man who went off on a wild highly offensive racist rant while recording a Vermont Teddy Bear ad – suddenly wants to do something noble for the African American Community in Tampa. If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you. Leave a comment and it’s yours.

Ask yourselves why no African American activist groups have stepped up to support Bubs in this endeavor? Uhurus anyone? Nope, they hate Bubba. NAACP? Absent! Michelle Williams? Nope won’t talk with Bubs.

Amazingly Bubs had the nerve today to state that Mayor Buckhorn doesn’t like black people. Consider the source.  Do you see the irony? Not much more to say there.

After much analysis, we can tell you that while this stunt appears to be largely an attempt for publicity, there are some other motivations here. Allow us to explain:

We’ve concluded that Bub’s badly wants to improve his public image. And even more so, the public image of his BFF, Stephen Diaco. In the last year or two Mr. Sponge and cronies suffered some pretty big setbacks in regards to their public image.

First, Sponge spent the better part of 2012 seemingly stalking critics on Twitter. Going so far as to call listeners on their personal phones to try and silence them through intimidation ( and sending thugs to workplaces of others to warn them against criticizing the Sponge (matter of public record).

Then the infamous sex tape was released which appeared to show Bub’s loaning his then wife to a friend while he secretly recorded the session and preserved it for future use. Rumor has it that for some unknown reason the DVD of the romp was found in Bub’s office by an erstwhile employee. The rest is history.

2013 brought about DUI setup of Phil Campbell. As the Florida Bar and FBI investigates the setup of Campbell and the conduct of Bub’s legal team,  a long time Tampa Police officer was fired, and public perception of Bubs and Diaco have reached all time lows.


That brings us to this: Bubs mentioned that there are three individuals investing the money for the Jackson House stunt project. As per standard operating procedures Bubs claims “These three individuals want to remain anonymous”. They don’t want any credit or publicity. Of course not. They don’t want the publicity until the project is a success. Or at least heading in the write direction. Bubs has used this old script many times. Believe us when we tell you that had this stunt worked out, Bubba would have been singing the praises of one Stephen Diaco (first scoop). Diaco would play the role of the humble benefactor while Bubba insisted that Diaco wanted to stay out of the spotlight and will be so mad at him for outing him. Yeah right. Nothing could be further from the truth. Diaco needs the good publicity. He was indeed one of the “anonymous investors” that Bubba spoke of. Take that to the bank!

Another “anonymous investor”? Gary Kompothecras (second scoop for those keeping score) better known as Gary from 1-800-ASK-Gary – Lawyer referral service . And guess what? In a new twist, Bubba claimed today that he had secured commitments from “the ten top law firms in Tampa” to set up shop in the Jackson House and offer FREE legal service to those who qualify. How convenient!!! Tremendous!!! If there’s investigative reporters out there that want a good story, try to validate the “Top ten law firm claim”. We expect you’ll find that the law firms who committed to Bubs are firms that partner with Gary. Read this article ( and connect the dots people. IT’S RIGHT THERE FOR YOU – RUN WITH IT!

We also find it likely that this stunt appealed to Bubs because he saw it as an opportunity to embarrass Mayor Bob Buckhorn, whom Bubs refers to as “Bulldozer Bob”. Recently, an email from Buckhorn was made public. In it he referred to Bubs as “A complete moron”. Yes, our Mayor is a good judge of character. This enraged Bubs and he has dreamed of revenge ever sense. You see, you’re not allowed to talk bad about the Sponge. Bubs now claims he will be running for Mayor of Tampa to spoil the election for the Honorable Buckhorn. Lest we forget when Bubba told listeners he’d be running for Mayor of St. Pete after a member of Mayor Foster’s staff opined that Bubs was “an unsavory character”. Long story short, he didn’t run for Mayor in St. Pete, and he won’t in Tampa.

Hopefully the above will prove useful to those interested in the whole story. It will surely result in more personal attacks of innocent people from Bubs and his “army”, but that is a risk we take to remain free.

Bubs claims he has learned to ignore his critics on social media. Let’s see if that’s true.

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The Bone 102.5’s talent contest – You should all vote for:

Contestant # 1 “MOONSHINE MILLER”. The man who made Brent Hatley cry during the infamous “Hate off”.

Vote for MILLER here:

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Back to Basics

This will be short. I have been putting some thought into this blog site and I have realized that the last couple of posts have veered away from why this blog was established in the first place – to critique, good or bad, the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

I apologize for the distractions, but in light of recent happenings I have allowed personal prejudice and harassment by detractors to steer my judgement.

I have made the Glass Houses segment available only in private settings as it has been a topic that detracts from the purpose of this blog. I spoke with both Floyd and Jay at Newcomb Warehouse and I am satisfied that they are aware of the situation and have taken steps to assure that safety is at the top of their concerns. As far as I am concerned they have fulfilled their obligations.

Nobody has coerced me or persuaded me to do this. As a matter of fact, I have not even discussed this subject with anyone. It just seems to me that the integrity of this blog is jaded by the permeation of such subject matter and needs to return to the origin of its purpose.

Thanks to all that read and participate. BTLS related content to come in the near future.


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Was reading through time lines this morning on twitter and came across this-


Is it any wonder why people on social networks wish to remain anonymous? This is the same mouth-breathing, Neanderthal, knuckle-dragger that took a screen shot of my dying mother and then photo shopped it to have 2 guys ejaculating on her face. Classy. He later removed the pics, but we have it and other photo shopped pics on file. I will not re-post such garbage on here.

This is the mentality of the Bubba Army. This is why people wish to remain anonymous and wish to speak their opinions freely without worrying about whether or not some maniac is out there with their personal information and willing to do harm to them or their families.

You’re not the only one watching, Orwell. Please feel free to write emails to COX RADIO NETWORK expressing your opinions regarding the outing of private citizens over terrestrial airwaves at:



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Due to ongoing harassment and defamation of multiple private citizens, including Morey, Musser, Hahn, Porter, and others – and due to legal actions pending, much of this blog’s content is being set to private. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Tic Toc, Tic Toc

Many of you that follow this blog are being harassed and bombarded with veiled threats of exposure of anonymity and legal recourse from the “BTLS-Bubba the Lumpy Scumbag” camp. For a fella that boasts about supporting the right to free speech, it seems to be that it is only a right that he wishes to reserve for himself. To those that are having threats of their anonymity being exposed, I say this. Nobody will judge you for “laying low” and not being outspoken. Many of you have family and careers that you do not wish to be exposed to the harassment of the few maniacs of Todd’s flock out there that, god knows what lengths they are willing to go to. I, personally, have documented death threats that have been made to myself and my wife. Recently, the maniacs of the BA have posted personal information of Sixer sympathizers employers, residences, and even driving/criminal records. What kind of person, COX BROADCASTING, terrestrially broadcasts personal information of listeners to your station knowing full well the liabilty that rests upon your shoulders should any of that information bring harm to any of these individuals? Well, the answer is this… BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE/TODD CLEM. Do you think Howard Stern, Cowhead, Opie and Anthony, or any other radio personality has people that have criticisms or contrary opinions of their product? Of course they do. Have you ever heard any of them posting personal information about these people? Of course not. Only an egotistical, insecure, piece of shit, like Todd Clem, who is unwilling to accept responsibility for his own actions and failings, would go to such reckless extremes. The accusations of threats of physical harm, stalking, breaking into databases, stealing home surveillance footage, etc, are absolutely unfounded and absurd. The liability to prove these actions actually occurred rely solely on the shoulders of the accusers. If you have done nothing except have an opinion, then rest easy. In my opinion this insane behavior of Todd Clem is the last struggling grasp at salvation of a dying career. Tic toc, tic toc. The release of sex tapes and the desperate attempt to gain attention through whatever means necessary. Tic toc, tic toc. The end is near folks. The once great Todd Clem has sunk to new lows I never thought imaginable. Tic toc, tic toc. How much longer, COX BROADCASTING, will you allow this loose cannon to pollute your air waves with slanderous propaganda and hidden agendas to incite his fans to bring harm to listeners with opinions? Tic toc, tic toc… I’m not going anywhere and I am willing to pay the ultimate price for my right to have a voice. Lyle

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The time has come ladies and gentlemen. The great Ludlow Lebron and the Sixers have incurred the wrath of Tubby the Blood Clot and his minions and we are to be silenced… I think not!

The truth of the matter is this – after months of listening to intolerable dribble, stale Ned bits, and a no-talent-having sister on the btls show…FINALLY, there is some decent content!  Unfortunately, that content is controlled by one Todd Clem, and whoever wields the microphone holds the power. The rhetoric and the accusations of threats and stalking being made by Todd are blatent lies and the source of this garbage should be taken into consideration.

Remember almost 2 years ago when fans were sold a bill of goods, aka-Golden Ticket, and were promised 3 years of “exclusive, uncensored, 2 hour btls content”? Well, it’s not exclusive and it sure as hell isn’t a 2 hour show. Throwing family under the bus is on the resume’ as well, until he needed a place to stay during his divorce. Perfect time to patch things up. Recently, it was brought to light that he filmed his BFF having sex with his ex. Oops, another bridge burned. Wait… there allegedly are 3 more tapes forthcoming with 3 different men in the videos?!!! Say it isn’t so!!!!!!

Yes, the character of Todd Clem is not to be questioned and the kool-aid is sweet! Drink long, drink deep Bubba Army because you’d have to be drunk to swallow the load of BS (Bubba Semen) that he’s ramming down your gullets.

Free minded individuals keep doing what you do and think for yourselves. You are a rare breed in this little pond of Bubba fish. Free your ass and your mind will follow! Silenced? Not until the truth is brought to light and the lies are and afterthought.


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